Homemade Dog Flea Shampoo

Homemade dog flea shampoo is a safer choice for dogs of all ages. If you want a natural, yet effective, method of flea control, homemade remedies are the best option.

Dangers of Commercial Dog Flea Shampoos

If you apply topical flea medications to your dog, a commercial dog flea shampoo can lead to overdose. The pores of the skin absorb the chemical in the shampoo.

In fact, many pet owners purchase commercial flea shampoos figuring they're helping save their pet. The problem is many of these products contain pyrethrin, a toxic pesticide. Thousands of pets are hospitalized every year from poisoning. Even minor issues like hair loss and skin irritation may require veterinary attention.

Common signs of pyrethrin poisoning include:

Quick and Effective Dog Flea Shampoo

If you find your pet has fleas and you don't have time to whip up a batch of homemade shampoo, put your dog in a tub and wash him instantly with Dawn dish soap. Oils in Dawn suffocate fleas. Suds up the neck first to keep the fleas from reaching your dog's face.

Once the entire dog's body is covered in suds, let the dog sit for five minutes before rinsing. During this time, you can use a flea comb or blunt tweezers to remove any fleas that managed to reach the dog's ears, nose or eyes.

Once the dog is rinsed, towel dry him and use the flea comb to remove fleas, if there are any, that survived the shampoo. Dawn is very effective on cats and dogs and even if it is accidentally ingested, it's not toxic. Indigestion is the worst case scenario.

Homemade Dog Flea Shampoo Recipes

If you want something that leaves your dog's coat shiny at the end, try this recipe.

Mix a cup each of the following:

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Dye-free, unscented liquid dish soap

  • Filtered water

Pour the mixture into bottles and use in the same way you would use the Dawn soap. Make sure you leave the suds on for five minutes before rinsing to ensure the fleas have ample time to suffocate.

If you want to repel fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, add a few drops of lavender oil to the shampoo mixture. Lemon oil and peppermint are also effective.

If you have a health food store or grocer nearby, this recipe is effective and totally organic.

Boil four cups of distilled water. Add three teaspoons of soap wort root and boil for 15 minutes.

Add one cup dried lavender, ½ cup peppermint and ¼ cup lemon grass or citronella. Turn off the heat and let the dried herbs steep for an hour.

Once the mixture has cooled, strain out the herbs and bottle the mixture. Shake it before using.

Dog Flea Shampoo that Relieves Itching

If you want a homemade flea shampoo that relieves itching, this recipe works well:

  • ½ cup dye-free, unscented dish soap
  • 1 tbsp colloidal oatmeal
  • 1 tbsp aloe vera juice
  • 1 tbsp lemon or orange oil
  • 1 tbsp lavender oil
  • 2 vitamin E tablets dissolved in one cup hot water

Mix all ingredients until everything is dissolved. Pour into clean bottles. When washing your dog, allow the suds to sit for at least five minutes before rinsing. The citrus and lavender oils will repel fleas for days following the bath.