Dog Ear Infection Treatment with Cod Liver Oil

A dog ear infection needs to be diagnosed and treated promptly to avoid damage to the ears and loss of hearing. Pet’s ears are very sensitive and often become infected due to a wide variety of reasons. Objects or particles that get lodged in the ear canal give rise to inflammation and ear irritation.

Conversely, pets that have excess hair on the inner ears may develop yeast infections at regular intervals. Dogs that have ear mite infections could also develop severe ear infections that warrant prompt medical help. Pets that develop ear infections experience pain and discomfort. Since the symptoms of ear infections are easily noticeable, it’s important to examine the pet’s ears and conduct a vet check if any of the following symptoms are exhibited.

Symptoms of Ear Infections Include:

  • Redness and inflammation in and around the ears
  • Discharge from the ears
  • Dog scratches the ears frequently
  • Foul odor from the ear canal
  • Wax buildup or accumulation of debris around the ear 
  • Pet appears dizzy or unstable

Treatment of Ear Infections

The vet will carry out several diagnostic tests to find out the real cause of the infection. If you only treat the symptoms and don’t find out the real cause of the infection, the symptoms will recur. Some of the diagnostic tests that are carried out include an ear examination with the help of an otoscope and a laboratory analysis of ear discharge or tissue surrounding the ear. If the infection manifests itself in the middle ear canal, the vet will have to perform further diagnostic tests and surgery to cure the infection.

Mild infections are treated with a course of antibiotic medication and proper ear care. The vet will teach you how to carefully clean the dog’s ears and remove debris or wax build up. A preliminary ear cleaning procedure may also be performed soon after the diagnosis is confirmed. Although there are several commercially available antibiotic drugs and ear cleaning solutions that cure the infection, several pet owners prefer to use holistic and natural remedies to treat chronic ear problems.

Treatment of Ear Infection with Cod Liver Oil

Although natural and herbal remedies are safer for use on pets, it’s important to diagnose the condition before using any home remedy to treat the infection. However, since home remedies don’t treat severe ear infections, they cannot be used in place of prescribed medications. Mild infections can be easily managed with periodic application of cod liver oil to the affected area. Before using cod liver oil, it’s important to clean the pet’s ears with a gentle ear cleansing solution or a mixture of 2 parts water and 1 part apple cider vinegar.

After applying this solution, let it dry for a few minutes and wipe it off with a soft cotton ball. You could then put a few drops of cod liver oil into the pet’s ear to bring relief from middle ear infections. The cod liver oil not only lubricates the ears but it also reduces pain and inflammation. Apart from cod liver oil, you may also use almond oil or Vitamin E oil to soften ear wax.

Since the ears are very sensitive, you need to check your dog’s ears periodically and frequently clip excess hair on the inner ear flap, to keep infections at bay.