Dog Exercise Ideas

Dog exercise is important for your pet's health, maintaining his muscle tone and reducing the chances of obesity. On average, every dog needs at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. You may think that the daily walk is enough to provide the exercise the dog needs, but this is only true if your pet is small. Larger breeds need more workout time and there are a few dog exercise ideas you can use.

The Purpose of Exercises

It is important to establish from the get go the reason why the dog needs the exercise. All dogs need exercise on a daily basis, but if your dog is obese, he will need to have a special workout plan, which will allow him to shed a few pounds as well. If your dog needs to lose weight, you will have to choose more intensive exercises and make sure he works out more intensively.

Running with Your Dog

A lot of pet owners choose running, because it is a beneficial exercise both for humans and canines. The dog can run alongside you and you both can work out on a daily basis. However, you need to make sure your tempo is adjusted to the dog's capabilities and the time you run doesn't exceed the required time for your dog's workout. Start with shorter periods of time, because your dog won't be able to run long distances from the first days.

Bicycling with Your Dog

You can stimulate your dog by having him run alongside your bike. Make sure the dog's leash is comfortable. You have to choose the speed right, so that the dog will be able to follow you. Alternatively, you can roller skate or roller blade and have your dog run next to you.


Swimming is an activity dogs typically enjoy, but if you don't have a pool or a lake nearby, your dog may not be able to swim as often as he wants to. However, you can buy an inflatable swimming pool for children and use it for your pet. Dogs that have joint problems should swim instead of any other type of workout, because this type of exercise will be gentle on the joints.

Hiking with Your Dog

If you prefer hiking, take you dog with you. This will be a complex workout, because there may be various obstacles, which dogs usually enjoy. Special gear will be needed for hiking, and make sure to pack water and food for your pet if the hike is longer. Remember that smaller dogs may not be able to take longer hikes.

Treadmill for Your Dog

If the weather won't allow you to take your dog for a long walk or a run, you can get a pet treadmill, which will help your pet get the necessary amount of exercise. Learn how to operate the treadmill and allow your dog to get used to the machine. Monitor your dog while he's exercising, because he may get injured.