Selecting a Dog Treadmill

The right dog treadmill will depend largely on what's right for your dog's ability and age. When evaluating machines, make sure they can accommodate your dog's size and the length of his legs. Here are some different types of dog treadmills.

Motorized Treadmill

A motorized treadmill is ideal for getting your dog to pick up the pace and have a good run. Automatic machines are usually more expensive than the dog-powered treadmills on the market. But they come with a wider range of options to meet a variety of canine needs. For example, if your dog is just starting an exercise routine, you can set the machine at a beginner speed.

Some other benefits you'll come across:

  • Custom run-sessions
  • Adjustments for incline or uphill jogging
  • Mechanism for controlling the speed

Dog Powered Treadmill

About non-motorized styles:

  • Offer safety: the pet has more control while exercising
  • Powered by the speed of the dog's movements
  • Quieter and lets the dog control the pace
  • Won't overwork your dog. He will run at the speed he can handle for his fitness level.

Select a Treadmill for the Traveling Dog

There are many added features in the dog exercise machines currently on the market. When looking for a treadmill, consider your dog's lifestyle. The latest equipment has helpful features for pet owners who travel a lot with their dogs. You'll find space-saving designs that are useful for checking equipment with your luggage or stowing in vehicles. Portable treadmills are collapsible and easy to store.

Some special features:

  • Look for an exercise machine with collapsible side panels.
  • Select a treadmill designed with safe materials. Soft side panels provide your dog with secure and gentle buffers while he's running.
  • Seek a treadmill that's easy to transport. Some are made with wheels and handles.
  • Area for treat holders offers your dog an incentive to finish his workout. And keeps his biscuits or favorite snacks in one place while your traveling.

Operational and Functional Features of a Dog Treadmill

Evaluate a treadmill based on its special features, its design and the needs of your dog.

Features to consider in a versatile piece of equipment:

  • Time measurement device to see how long your dog has been walking or jogging on the machine.
  • Distance gauge: This option is to measure how far your pet has gone on the treadmill.
  • Start and stop safety buttons; speed adjustment; and remote control.
  • Various difficulty levels and incline options can help to increase your dog's muscle definition and tone.
  • Note the machine's overall dimensions in relation to your dog's width, height and weight.

When Buying a Dog Treadmill, Look for Quality

For effective and safe treadmill training, a dog needs stability. A good machine should offer your dog a secure surface to run or walk on without becoming wobbly or unsteady. Inspect the machine for sturdy manufacturing details and quality parts.

A product guarantee is essential when buying any dog exercise equipment. The machine should be able to endure a heavy workload and last your dog a lifetime.