Can a Dog Flea Allergy Affect Me Too?

A dog flea allergy can cause you just as much discomfort as your pet. Anyone can get flea bites but, if you are prone to allergies, the flea saliva can cause you hay-fever-like symptoms.

When Fleas Bite Fleas can easily jump on your feet and ankles, but that's not all. Learn what flea bites look like on you:

* Red lumps that are usually small and raised; mostly on ankles, arms and feet. * Bites also appear on other areas of your body; especially if fleas are in your furniture or bedroom. * Skin inflammations, such as large welts. * Skin infections due to frequent scratching.

Pet Dander and Histamine

When your dog scratches from the allergy, it unleashes dander, flea eggs and particles into the air-- all which irritate your

allergies. Also, flea saliva contains histamine compounds that can trigger allergy symptoms in humans.

Overflow effects of a dog flea allergy on humans:

* Severe itching and scratching. * Sneezing, headaches, itchy eyes. * Runny nose and congestion. * Coughing and wheezing.

Helpful Solutions

The pet dander and fleas not only heighten allergies, but flea eggs and larva live on. Eliminate fleas by fumigating your

home and giving your dog a topical flea solution.

Tips for relief:

* Vacuum/clean areas where your dog sleeps and plays. * Wash bedding and throw rugs. * Take antihistamines to alleviate your symptoms. * Apply anti-itching lotions or antibiotic creams for skin infections.