Cat/Dog Flea FAQ

Being a pet owner you should be aware that there are a of lot parasites that can affect your pet. Fleas are among the most common cat or dog parasites. Knowing a few cat or dog flea basics can help you deal with the problem efficiently.

How Are Fleas Transmitted?

Fleas are transmitted from other infected cats or dogs. Fleas don’t have wings, but they can jump.

Fleas that feed on cat blood cannot adapt to feeding on dog blood. However, dog fleas may lodge in cat fur and may infect dogs once the carrier cat meets canines.

Fleas lay eggs and these may be present in the environments of infected cats and dogs.

What Are the Flea Symptoms?

Fleas cause bites which are small and red and the skin of the affected pets will be itchy.

The fleas may also be seen moving on the pet’s skin/fur. The fleas are small and dark brown. The eggs fleas lay are white and have a dander like appearance. Flea dark red or brown feces may also be visible on the cat or dog’s fur.

What Complications May Fleas Cause?

Fleas may cause several complications including anemia and allergies.

If fleas affect puppies, kittens or weak pets, they may cause anemia, as fleas feed on blood. If the condition is not treated, the fleas may lead to death in these weaker pets.

The flea bites may cause allergies; the saliva of the fleas is the culprit allergen. The flea bite will get swollen and the pet will also display symptoms such as lethargy or dermatitis.

In case the pet ingests a flea, this may result in tapeworm infestation, as fleas may carry tapeworm larvae.

Are Fleas Contagious to Humans?

Pet fleas are not contagious to humans. The fleas that live on cats or dogs feed only on feline or canine blood. However, you should get rid of the fleas, as they cause a lot of discomfort in your pet.

How to Eliminate Fleas?

Fleas may be eliminated through applying insecticides on the dog/cat’s skin. These insecticides have an immediate effect. You may opt for Advantage or Frontline. You can use anti flea shampoos and powders to remove all fleas.

Remember that fleas will leave behind eggs, so you should continue the treatment for 2 to 3 weeks after having eliminated the adult fleas.

You should also remove the fleas and the eggs from the pet’s environment to prevent a future infection.

Are Anti Flea Products Safe?

Anti flea products contain insecticides and may cause irritation in some pets. However, they are safe for long term use.

How to Prevent Fleas?

Fleas may not always be prevented, as you cannot stop your pet from meeting other pets that may be infected.

However, administering preventive treatment such as Advantage may often prevent the infestation with fleas. Your pet may also wear a flea collar, which can be effective, but may only prevent the fleas from jumping on the head area of your pet.