Dog Fleas on Humans

Dog fleas may affect your pet at any point during his life. As a dog owner you may ask yourself if you can catch the fleas from your pet. The answer is simple; dog fleas cannot be transmitted to humans. Fleas are specific for each species and dog fleas live on dog blood and cannot adapt to live on human blood. Consequently, dog fleas cannot bite humans. However, canine fleas can live on human clothes and bedding for a few hours until they find a new host. On the other hand, dogs may be carriers of human fleas, but only if they get in contact with an infected person.

Fleas and Flea Types

Presently, there are more than 2, 000 species of fleas. Fleas appeared over 50 million years ago; there is proof of fleas in ancient amber pieces that contain fleas. The very first species of fleas known to humans are the snow fleas.

In the beginning, fleas did not feed on blood; they lived on tree sap and plants. As the fleas developed as species, they came to feed on animal and bird blood. Later, fleas started to feed on human blood as well.

Fleas are dangerous as they spread and reproduce very quickly. In some smaller animals, fleas can cause anemia.

Dog Fleas and Humans

Fleas are specific for each species; so the fleas that affect cats cannot spread to dogs and vice versa. The fleas that infect dogs are known as Ctenocephalides canis.

The dog fleas will cause extreme itchiness and may be treated with different anti flea products. The dog should also get some preventive flea treatment.

Fleas that affect humans are of 1 type and this type differs from the fleas that infect canines. So, if you get a flea infection, this is surely not from your pet. However, your pet may carry human fleas in his fur, provided he has been in contact with a person infected with human fleas.

The humans may also be carriers of dog fleas, as the fleas can lodge in human clothes and furniture and may infect other canines. Consequently, a pet owner may infect your pet with fleas, even if his pet is not present.

Human Fleas

The species of fleas that live on human blood are called Pulex irritans. The appearance of this type of fleas is similar to the fleas that affect dogs or cats; however, the fleas that feed on human blood have a lower number of mouth bristles.

The Pulex irritans is small and has a dark brown color.

Human fleas will be visible and they tend to bite more in the head and abdominal areas, as they are attracted by the heat from these areas.

The flea bites on humans will be arranged in a row; the flea bites may be red and swollen, and the skin will be itchy.