Dog Food Safety Tips

Given that you will purchase a lot of dog food at a time, you have to be aware of a number of dog food safety tips. The food has to be kept fresh, away from toxic materials and you will always have to make sure you don't give spoiled food to your pet.

Keeping the Food Fresh

When you buy a bag of food, you will have to store it in a dry and dark place, at the room temperature. More importantly, you will have to keep the food in a sealed container, which will keep it fresh. You should get plastic or metallic containers of a suitable size. Never buy larger bags than your dog can eat in 2 to 4 weeks, otherwise the food can expire and you cannot feed it to your pet.

If you buy canned food, this can go bad much faster, and you should always make sure to feed the contents of a can within 48 hours after opening it. If you have leftovers in the can, put them in a plastic container and keep them in the fridge, but no more than 48 hours.

Keeping the Food Safe

Dog food is often stored with other products, and you will have to pay extra attention not to store it near chemicals that could contaminate the food and cause poisoning in your pet. Avoid bleaches or any liquid household chemicals which could accidentally leak and affect the food. 

Establish Whether the Food Is Fresh

The food can often go bad, especially if you forget to properly seal the container it's deposited in. The dog food is spoiled if you notice the following:

  • Clumps in the food
  • The food is moist or has mold or fungi on the surface
  • The food has a foul odor
  • There are bugs or larvae in the food
  • The top the container looks tampered with
  • The container has holes in it
  • It is past its expiry date mentioned on the label (make sure to keep the label along with the food you deposit)

Always check the food you give to your dog prior to putting it out in the food bowl.

If you prepare the food at home and you get the meat and ingredients from a store, make sure these ingredients are fresh and are from a trustworthy source; the meat could be infested with different bacteria such as Salmonella.

Last but not least, if you have children, you should keep them away from the dog food. Children are curious and may be tempted to taste the kibble food, which could cause an upset stomach. Hide the food containers and have a child proof seal on them, or store these in a closet that you can safely lock. Don't forget to lock the closet.