Using Dog Grooming Scissors Safely

Many pet owners opt to save money by grooming their pets at home. For many breeds, a pair of dog grooming scissors and a small electric razor are the only tools necessary for at-home grooming. Professional dog grooming scissors are inexpensive and come in a variety of styles to suit different needs. However, like any hair clippers or scissors, dog grooming shears may cause injury if handled improperly.

Different breeds and individual dogs will respond better to a variety of grooming techniques. You may find that a razor or pair of scissors alone will be adequate to groom your dog. However, most at-home groomers use a combination of the two to achieve their desired look.

Preparing to Groom Your Dog

Before grooming your dog with scissors or an electric razor, first prepare an adequate space. For small breeds, spread a towel on a table or counter top. Larger breeds may be better accommodated on the floor or outside. Keep a garbage can handy for hair clippings, and be sure to work in an area of the house that is familiar and comfortable for your pet.

Keep Your Dog Calm

Safe and successful dog grooming at home depends on your dog remaining calm and relaxed. If your dog is uncomfortable lying down with close human contact for extended periods of time, or if he is particularly jumpy, at-home grooming may not be a wise idea. In all cases, treat your dog gently as you maneuver him for grooming.

While grooming, reassure your dog by speaking gently. Take breaks to pet him and reward him for good behavior if he tends to be fidgety. In some cases, it may be safest to employ a second person to hold the dog and calm him.

Using Grooming Scissors

Work slowly and deliberately until you have had sufficient practice time. Work on areas that are not particularly sensitive, such as the back and sides, before attempting sensitive body areas such as the belly, ears and face.

Whether using curved dog grooming scissors or straight scissors, grip the shears tightly and be careful not to clip your dog's skin. Do not pull his hair. Most dogs will remain calm and relaxed during grooming, so long as you do not hurt them while cutting their hair.

Using Grooming Razors

If you are grooming your dog with an electric razor, keep the razor pointed in the direction of the dog's hair. Additionally, be aware of the proper length blade for your dog's hair length and style. Finally, ensure that your razor is clean and free of excess hair in between uses, as this may cause it to malfunction and anger or startle your dog.

Dog grooming with scissors and razors takes patience and practice to perfect. Most importantly, take your time and ensure that your pet remains relaxed while you work to avoid hurting him or yourself. With adequate practice, you can develop a stronger bond with your dog while beautifully grooming him without paying a groomer's fee.