Using Professional Dog Clippers

If you run into problems trying to manage your dog's fur at home, you may wish to purchase a set of professional dog clippers to help you out. Professional groomers use a set of tools that are akin to those found in a human hair salon or barbershop. You'll oftentimes find that they are much better suited to grooming your dog than a standard pair of scissors will be.

Best of all, professional dog clippers can typically be found at most pet supply stores for a relatively low price, helping you to save money on the costs of having your pet groomed regularly.

Keep Your Dog's Comfort in Mind

The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting and using professional dog clippers on your pet is to make sure that your dog is as comfortable as possible. You don't to cause him any pain or to startle him. Therefore, it's best to begin clipping your dog on your own and at home as early as possible. Dogs that have become used to using clippers throughout the early parts of their lives will be much more relaxed and easygoing when they are groomed later on in life as well.

Additionally, choose clippers that aren't loud. This will help to make sure that your dog is calm and at peace as you work too.

Be Safe When Using Dog Clippers

Dog clippers are generally not capable of cutting you or your pet in any serious way, but there are a few techniques that are generally safer and less likely to result in injury than others. Most types of clipper have different sets of blades and functions. They are not entirely interchangeable, and some will work much better on certain dogs and for particular hair styles than others.

Take some time to learn about the various types of clipper blades and styles that will work best for your pet. Ask groomers or other owners for advice, or look online.

Additionally, ensure that the blades on your clippers are always sharp. This will help them to cut hair more easily and will prevent them from latching on to your pet's hair and pulling it out of his body, which is much more painful.

Use Short, Even Stroke

Each dog has a different type of hair, and different hair requires a different set of techniques in terms of clipping. The best way to learn about how to clip your dog's hair is from a professional. Ask to witness a clipping session when you take your pet in for grooming. Watch how the professional groomer uses short, even strokes, and pay careful attention to the direction that he or she moves the clippers over each part of your pet's body.

When in doubt, pause and ensure that your pet is safe and happy as you work. Provide lots of treats and rewards for good behavior throughout the entire clipping process.