How Much Does Dog Hip Dysplasia Surgery Cost?

Dog hip dysplasia is a painful condition and often, the only possible solution is to have surgery. If your vet recommends surgery, you need to find out the costs of such an operation. The surgery costs may vary according to the severity of the condition. If the hip has to be replaced, the costs will be higher.

Dog Hip Dysplasia

The hips of dogs are made up of bones that have either a ball or a socket joint and these should be flawlessly fitted. If the joints are loose, the dog is diagnosed with hip dysplasia. In addition to excruciating pain, the dog will also be unable to perform certain tasks and may start developing arthritis.

The causes of hip dysplasia may be congenital or due to an accident involving the hip area, but there are cases in which the precise causes are not known. The occurrence of the condition is more frequent in senior dogs and in dogs with larger bones (i.e., larger breeds). The treatment recommended is often surgery, which will fix the joints and will also enable the dog to move normally.

Hip Dysplasia Surgery

Surgery is the recommended course of treatment if the dog has advanced hip dysplasia. The surgery may be simple or more complex, depending on how advanced the condition is. The most complex surgery involves the replacement of both the ball and the socket using different materials such as metal or plastic. If the surgery is less complicated, only one compound of the hip will be replaced.

Costs of Hip Dysplasia Surgery

The average costs of a canine hip dysplasia surgery may be around $1,500. However, there may be price variations which will be determined by:

  • The complexity of the surgery, whether one or both of the components of the hip will be replaced
  • The materials used for the hip replacement; titanium is the most expensive option, plastic is much cheaper
  • The age of the dog; in senior dogs the surgery may be more risky and the vet may charge extra
  • The fees of the vet, which may vary according to his skills, experience and location

Additional Costs

In addition to the quoted price you should expect a few more charges for:

  • A consultation fee, can range between $50 and $200 (note that not all vets charge a fee for an initial consultation)
  • Blood tests and x-rays, which can add up to $300, if there are numerous tests involved
  • Anesthesia, sometimes may be included in the price
  • The costs involved in keeping the dog at the hospital (for two to five days on average)
  • Painkillers that are necessary post surgery, which can be up to $50

Note that some vets will give you a quote with all costs involved, while others will only quote you on their surgery fees, not including the rest of the costs. Make sure to clarify.