How Much Does a Canine Hip Replacement Cost?

Canine hip dysplasia can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Surgery and hip replacement is often recommended to fix the dog and offer him a normal life. If you are faced with this problem affecting your pet, you need to get informed on the costs involved in a hip replacement surgery. The costs may not be low, but the well being of your pet should be a priority.

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia is the condition that is experienced when the joints of the hip fit loosely. Normally, the ball and socket joints in the hip area should fit perfectly, without leaving any wiggle room. Hip dysplasia may be an inherited condition, but may also develop in dogs due to aging. Larger dog breeds are more exposed to developing hip dysplasia.

The condition can be very painful and will develop into arthritis if left untreated.

The treatment options may include medication and surgery. In advanced cases of hip dysplasia, a hip replacement surgery is the only option.

Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip replacement surgery is the treatment recommended for dogs with advanced hip dysplasia. The surgery cannot be performed if the dog is younger than 12 months.

The surgery is performed by fixing the joint and replacing the ball joint with a metallic ball (typically stainless steel or titanium) and the socket joint will be completed with a plastic support. This type of surgery is known as the total hip replacement surgery. In less severe cases, the surgery will only involve the replacement of either the ball or the socket joint.

Hip Replacement Surgery Costs

The hip replacement surgery costs may be between $ 1,200 and $2,500. These costs involve solely the surgery. There may be additional costs such as:

  • Tests performed, blood work, x-rays (between $50 and $300, depending on how many tests are performed)
  • The hospitalization, the dog will require at least a couple of days in the hospital before being taken home
  • Pain medication for after the surgery (up to $50)

Factors Determining the Hip Replacement Surgery Costs

There are a few factors that are involved in determining the costs of the hip replacement surgery. Firstly, your geographical location will play an important part. In some areas, the veterinary surgeries may be more costly.

Another factor to take into consideration is whether the dog requires a total hip replacement surgery. A total hip replacement surgery will obviously cost more than a partial hip replacement.

Other factors that may contribute to determining the costs of the hip replacement surgery include:

  • The age of the dog (older dogs require special care and the surgery involves more risks)
  • The breed
  • The overall health condition of the pet
  • The type of materials used (titanium is more expensive than stainless steel)

It is important to discuss with the surgeon and ask for the full costs involved and the best course of action for your pet.