Choosing a Dog Insect Repellent

Whether it's camping, spending time in the outdoors or just living their day to day lives, people are looking for dog insect repellents to keep their dogs bug free. There are a variety of products available to control or repel fleas, ticks, flies, gnats, mosquitoes or wasps, keeping your dog irritant and bite free.

Choosing an Insect Repellent

There are several factors to consider when selecting the appropriate product for your pet.

  • Define the insect(s) you are trying to repel. The active ingredients used in insect repellents typically target a specific type of insect.
  • There are both chemical and natural insect repellents available. While any product applied to your dog's coat and skin has the potential of causing irritation, insecticides have an increased possibility as well as carrying warnings against getting the product in his eyes and against ingestion. Natural products like essential oils can be effectively applied with minimal irritation to the skin, eyes or mouth.
  • Type of application is also a consideration. Insect repelling products come in aerosol cans, gels, liquids or ointments. While the aerosols may be quicker and easier to apply, the products requiring manual application are easier to control and keep out of your dog's eyes.
  • Determining the best insect repellent for your dog is as easy as reading the labels. By selecting the proper repellent, your dog can spend his time outdoors relatively irritation free.