Dog Insurance for Renters: The Fine Print Examined

Owning a dog can raise the cost of renters insurance, especially if the dog is considered a dangerous breed. Insurance policies vary from state to state and across companies.

Limits and Exclusions

Some insurance plans will not permit any dogs in rentals while others may limit the number allowed or ban certain breeds altogether. These breeds are considered vicious and a danger to others, despite any evidence against these claims. Rottweilers, pit bulls, and German Shepherds are often included in these exclusions.

Canine Liability

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention there are over 4 million dog bites reported annually. Dog bites make up a large portion of insurance claims each year and with over half of all dog bites occurring on the dog owner's property, looking into the dog bite laws of your state and renters insurance guidelines is essential. Some states don't find fault with a dog that bites in the first incident while others hold the owner liable anytime a dog bites, even if the animal is provoked.

Get the Best Deal

  • Check with your national breed club to see what insurance companies they recommend for your particular dog.
  • Use obedience training to prevent dog aggression and biting, and keep any records of dog training courses.
  • Look for third-party damage coverage to cover any damages your dog does to the rental unit.