Dog Joint Pain Relief with Glyco Flex

Dog joint pain causes a lot of discomfort to your pet. Instead of administering over the counter pain killers to ease the pain and discomfort you must conduct a vet check to identify the cause of the pain. Joint pain is generally caused by trauma, injury or conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia and rheumatism. Some conditions that cause joint pain cannot be completely treated. These conditions are chronic in nature and progress over a period of time. If your dog is suffering from some form of chronic joint pain you may have to use alternative medications or treatment options as a long term solution to the pain.

Joint Disease in Dogs

If the pet is suffering from a condition like arthritis, his joint will become stiff and the cartilage will deteriorate in time. The synovial fluid that lubricates the joint will be less viscous and slightly turbid. The affected joint will prevent your dog from moving about freely. Your dog will also become less playful and may be sensitive to the touch.

Arthritis and degenerative bone disorders cannot be cured completely. You will therefore have to administer herbal remedies or joint supplements for long term relief as these won’t give rise to any side effects.

Treatment of Joint Paint

Although most vets will first prescribe non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs to bring relief from the inflammation, these medications aren’t safe for prolonged use. Many vets may therefore recommend the administration of joint supplements like Glyco Flex. This supplement is manufactured by VETRI-SCIENCE and is available in 5 unique preparations. The canine formulas include Glyco-Flex Classic, Glyco-Flex 1, Glyco-Flex2, Glyco-Flex 3 Mini and Glyco-Flex 3. The products are available as tablets and bite sized chews.

Ingredients Present in Glyco Flex

While all Glyco Flex products contain perna canalicus, Glyco Flex 2 and 3 contain additional ingredients like methylsulfonylmethane, Glucosamine HCL and Manganese. These ingredients promote joint health and help your dog if he has recently undergone any type of orthopedic surgery. Gyco Flex is available for both small and large dog breeds. It’s important to read product labels before making a purchase so that you choose the preparation that’s best suited to your dog’s needs.

Benefits of Administering Glyco Flex Include:

  • Promotes connective tissue health
  • Helps dogs recover from orthopedic surgeries
  • Slows down the progress of joint deterioration 
  • Helps you dog live an active life

Tips for Pet Owners

If your dog is suffering from joint pain due to any bone degenerative disorder you must make sure that you make a few adjustments in your home so that your pet is comfortable. You dog’s food and water bowls should easily accessible. The pet shouldn’t have to stoop too low to eat or drink from his bowls. Since your dog will find it difficult to climb stairs you could also place his bedding in a convenient location in your home.

Dogs suffering from conditions like arthritis often become aggressive due to the pain they suffer. If this happens you must prevent children from coming in contact with your pet as your dog will be sensitive to the touch and may refuse to play with children or other members of the family. Pets suffering from joint pain may require special care but with proper medication and vet help your dog can live a happy life for several years.