Over-the-Counter Canine Joint Supplements

There are several commercially available canine joint supplements that can help your pet if he is suffering from joint problems. Large breed dogs are at a greater risk of suffering from joint conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. Such pets find it difficult to perform routine activities like walking, climbing and running. The pet may also be unable to stand up after sleeping for a few hours.

Such pets can benefit from canine joint supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin. Instead of administering over the counter drugs to your pet you should first find out the cause of the joint problem, and only administer medications according to the vet's recommendations.

What to Watch For

If your pet is suffering from arthritis or any other joint condition he will be unable to climb stairs, reluctant to engage in playful activities and will be suffering from pain and discomfort. The pet's joints may be inflamed or swollen and the dog's body will be sensitive to the touch. These symptoms develop if the pet's joints start deteriorating and if there is significant damage present in the cartilage. If you notice any symptoms, it's best to seek prompt medical help because joint conditions progress if they're not treated in time.

Using Over the Counter Supplements

If the vet asks you to administer joint supplements, you should look for supplements that contain ingredients of the highest quality. Since the active ingredients present in some supplements are artificially formulated, read the product labels carefully and purchase supplements that contain ingredients derived from natural sources.

Commercial Joint Supplements Include:

  • Super Joint Enhancer
  • Glyco-Flex 2
  • Cosequin for dogs
  • Yucca Intensive
  • Arthramine
  • ProMotion 
  • Super Joint Omega


Although the supplements don't require a prescription, you should administer them according the vet's instructions. If your dog is suffering from diabetes along with other joint problems you will have to monitor his blood glucose levels if you're administering any supplements that contain glucosamine. It's best to purchase a glucometer for this purpose.

The supplements are not known to cause any side effects. While they work effectively in some pets, some dogs may show no signs of improvement. The only way to find out if the supplements benefit your pet is to start administering them on a daily basis for a period of three months.

Outcome of Supplementation

Dogs that respond favorably to the supplements resume their normal activities and this increases their overall quality of life. Such pets will have to be given the supplements for life. If you decide to stop giving your pet the supplements, the symptoms of arthritis or other joint conditions will return.

Along with supplementation you should moderately exercise the pet so that his limbs don't get stiff. Apart from this, if the pet is overweight, he will suffer from a lot of discomfort because of the excess pressure exerted on his joints. Therefore, feed him a healthy diet so that he doesn't suffer from obesity.