Dog Joint Pain Relief with Zubrin

Zubrin is a prescription medication used for joint pain relief in dogs. Tepoxalin, the active ingredient in Zubrin, works by entering the bloodstream and blocking the agents responsible for creating inflammation, thereby reducing associated pain. The active metabolite contained in Zubrin will continue to work in the joints, and control pain and inflammation for up to 24 hours. This medication is given once daily in the form of a tasteless, quickly dissolving and fast-acting tablet. The Zubrin tablet can be easily hidden in food or a treat or given directly on the tongue, no later than 1 to 2 hours after feeding.

Benefits of Zubrin

Zubrin can help with inflammation and joint pain associated with arthritis and hip dysplasia, or other acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders in dogs. Relief may be seen from the effects of arthritis, helping to reverse lameness, decrease in movement or exercise, limping and stiffness. This is a non-steroidal drug (NSAID) and has a low risk of intestinal ulceration, though it may cause stomach upset. While Zubrin does not cure arthritis in dogs, results can be dramatic. You may see relief from pain in just a few hours after administration of the drug, and inflammation can be reduced in a matter of days.

Side Effects of Zubrin

Side effects can be serious when taking Zubrin. If your dog's behavior changes in any way, discontinue use immediately. Allergic reactions my occur causing difficulty breathing, hives or swelling of the lips, tongue or face. Reactions such as these have a higher probability when combined with other drugs. You should not use Zubrin in conjunction with other NSAIDs, steroids or over the counter medications such as aspirin or other cold, cough or pain medications, as risk of stomach ulcers or other side effects will be greatly increased. Blood or black tar-like substances found in stools or vomit could be an indication of a severe side effect. Other side effects include but are not limited to:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Seizure
  • Aggression
  • Change in skin
  • Change in appetite

Yellowing of the gums, skin or whites of the eyes could indicate jaundice, caused by side effects involving the liver. Side effects involving the kidneys could be indicated by a change in thirst or urination, including frequency, color or smell.

Other Important Information about Zubrin

Zubrin is available in blister packets based upon dosage determined by the size of your dog. Zubrin should not be given to dogs weighing less than 6 pounds, and is not intended for puppies or pregnant and lactating dogs. Dogs that are aged may experience additional risk while taking Zubrin. Do not double dose, as overdose could occur, causing nausea, panting, seizures, blurred vision, stomach pain or difficulty urinating. You should not use Zubrin with a dog that has allergies to aspirin, liver problems, kidney disease, ulcers or stomach bleeding. This drug should be given for a period of 7 to 10 days and then the dog should undergo evaluation to determine the need for continuation of the treatment.