Dog Medicine for Pain Control

Dog medicine for pain control can either be given in prescription or non-prescription format. Although your dog may require the use of a pain medication to help his condition, the medication needed will vary depending on what he is suffering from; that will also determine whether medication will be prescription or non-prescription.

Prescription Medications for Pain

Rimadyl is a pain medication that is used to help alleviate the symptoms of deep tissue arthritis, or osteoarthritis. It works by controlling the hormones in your dog's body which signal the feeling of pain to the brain. Rimadyl is an anti-inflammatory agent and can help reduce the swelling of sore and achy joints. If given in chewable, injection and caplet format and one dosage is usually effective for a 24 hour period. Although side effects with Rimadyl are rare, the most commonly associated side effects are general stomach upset, increased thirst and more frequent urination.

Zubrin is the given brand name for tepoxalin. It is similar to Rimadyl in that it is used to treat pain associated with arthritis and osteoarthritis. However, the difference with Zubrin is that it releases tepoxalin into the blood stream once the medication has been swallowed. Once tepoxalin is in the blood stream, it releases metabolite; which actually blocks the agents that are causing inflammation. Zubrin is usually only given one time per day and in pill format. General side effects may include nausea and upset stomach.

Non-Prescription Medications for Pain

Arthogen is given for the treatment of joint pain in older dogs. The two main ingredients of Arthogen are glucosamine and chondroitin. These two ingredients are effective at reducing swelling in the joints, alleviating pain in the joints and stopping the joints from deteriorating further. Arthogen is made with a beef and cheese flavor and seems to be highly agreeable to most dogs. It can be given daily, one time per day, but it should not be given indefinitely as it does not have the ability to reverse the deterioration of joints.

Arthramine is a supplement which can be used to help lessen the effects of arthritis and joint pain. It contains glucosamine which helps to effectively stop the joints and tissue from further deterioration and helps to reduce the swelling and inflammation of joints. Arthramine is a chewable pill that has a taste which normally appeals to most dogs. It can be given one time each day and usually for an indefinite amount of time.

GlycoFlex is a medication of the Vetri-Science Comprehensive Stage of Life Program. This is a program that was designed with the intent to keep the formation of joints strong and healthy in young dogs. It is used predominately in puppies and young dogs to ensure that their joints and connective tissues develop properly. However, it can also be used to alleviate the pain associated with swollen joints and sometimes even reverse the condition of deteriorating joints. GlycoFlex is given on a reversely graduated schedule; starting with two tablets daily for the first six weeks and after that a dosage of one tablet for the remainder of usage.