My Dog Has Kidney Problems: Making Diet and Nutrition Adjustments

When it comes to the health issues of your dog, kidney problems are less common than most. But if your dog is afflicted with a renal disorder, a low protein, low phosphorus diet can help her.

Diet Tips to Avoid Kidney Problems:

  • Low protein does not mean low fat; canine nutritionists recommend ground beef, lamb and dark meat chicken as a protein source
  • Dairy ingredients such as yogurt and cottage cheese can be added in moderation as they contain phosphorus but are a good source of calcium; some dogs are less tolerant of dairy than others
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (which can be found in fish oil)
  • Avoid egg yolks and vegetable oils as these elevate phosphorus levels
  • There are prescription diets available for dogs suffering from kidney disease. They are available through your veterinarian.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated With Filtered Water

Consider providing filtered water for your dog. Tap water often contains impurities that are easily processed by healthy kidneys but put unnecessary strain on compromised organs. Look for water purified by reverse osmosis.