Dog Paw Cleaner Products

So how do you keep a dog paw clean? After all, dogs love to frolic outdoors in dirt, mud, water and just about anything else. It is not that difficult but can be a time-consuming task. You should know that not keeping the dog's paws clean can have some serious repercussions.

Stay Clean

A dog will naturally clean his own paws using his tongue. However, sometimes the dirt and grime has adhered to the paws in such a way that no amount of licking will clean it. You can elect to take your dog to a professional groomer or to remedy the situation yourself. You should only attempt to clean the paws yourself if you are patient and persistent. There are a number of cleaner products available on the market for those wanting to clean their dog's paws themselves.

Be Thorough

The paws should be checked whenever grooming takes place or if lameness is observed. The fur on the paw should not be matted with debris. Thoroughly washing the paw and then thoroughly drying it will keep the paw moist and clean. It is important that the dog paw is moisture-free between the toes. Moisture between the toes can cause bacterial or fungal infections similar to athlete's foot. The paw pads should also be subtle and soft, free of any debris. The paw pads should also be moist, with no cracking present. The nails should be trimmed and free of any grime or debris. Leaving any dirt behind invites infections and insect infestations. Microfiber brushes can rid the paws of any such debris.


Inspection for any infections, infestations or injuries should take place while grooming. Use of any medicated shampoos should eliminate any infestations. Inspection should include searching through the fur and looking at the skin itself. Search for any insect infestations, parasites, infections and injuries on the skin, including the top and bottoms of the paws as well as between the toes. Dirt and debris can hide these problems from view. Any debris found on the paw from outdoor roaming should be removed. Watch for any reactions of the dog when inspecting for injuries, since a dog will usually wince if a tender or injured part is touched.

Cleaner Products

There are various cleaner products on the market. Some are sprays that chemically clean the paw; however, some sprays may contain toxins. Such products include:

  • Clean-A-Paw (spray)
  • Protecta-Pad Dog Paw Protector (cream)
  • Excel Pet First Aid Paw Protector (conditioner)
  • Mega-Tek Coast Rebuilder (restoration)

There are microfiber brushes that brush the dirt away, such as Spotless Paw. There are also cups in which the foot can be inserted and cleaned by the brush located within, such as PawPlunger. Ultimately, the product used is determined by the ease, safety and the acceptance of use by the dog.

Keep the foot pads of the paws soft by using moisturizers if need be. Moisturizers with aloe promote healing in the event there are any small scratches or scrapes on the foot pads. Moisturizers should not be rubbed into the fur, since this will only mat the fur and make it so wet that it attracts dirt, grime and insects.