Treating Dry Dog Foot Pads

There are times where the dog foot pads become dry, which can lead to discomfort and pain. The feet of a dog are touch and thick, but they are not impenetrable to normal wear and tear.

You must make sure that you constantly check the dog foot pads to ensure that they are constantly healthy and not causing any pain. There are certain seasons where dog foot pads are more vulnerable to becoming dry and cracking.

The winter season brings ice and road salt, which can both cause irritation. In summer, the dog will often walk on hot pavement. Dry dog foot pads is a year round condition that you need to look for.

Checking The Paw

Most dogs do not enjoy having their paws picked up, so you need to do it soft and slow. Redness and bleeding would be the first symptoms you should be looking for, but you should also keep an eye out for general swelling.

  1. If the dog is reacting positively, push on the dog foot pads.
  2. Gauge the reaction of the dog, and then press against the toes and claws. You should also be looking for any foreign object stuck in the paw, because these can cause great pain and irritation.
  3. Use a pair of tweezers to carefully remove them. If they are stuck in the hair of the paw, precisely cut them out with a pair of scissors.

Cleaning It Up

You want to make sure that the whole paw is cleaned up. Dogs have a lot of hair on their feet and this hair can trap objects in it. These objects can then irritate the dog pads, which in turn creates a dry dog foot pad.

Get the mud out of the toes, trim the hair back from the feet, and wash away any salt or dirt on the pads. Be careful not to apply too much water on the pads.

Dog pads are highly absorbent and they can remain wet for hours. This makes the pads soft. During this time the pads are vulnerable to sharp objects and natural splitting. It is important to have soft dog foot pads, but you do not want to have them so soft that they end up hurting the dog further.

Applying Moisturizer

There are special dog pad moisturizers out there that can assist with taking care of your dog's feet.

You should never apply human moisturizers, as these will make them too soft for too long. This period of time, like the over application of water, can inadvertently cause injuries in the dog foot pads. Be sure to search the market for a recommended moisturizer. A good moisturizer will protect the dog year round, and it will dry into a protective gel coating on the dog foot pads. The protective gel is like a skin tight boot that the dog wears. It will help keep foreign object out of the skin, and it will help ensure that the dog foot pads do not dry out.