Dog Poisoning Symptoms Beyond Vomiting

With all the toxic substances we daily in or modern lives, it's important to know the symptoms of dog poisoning. What Are The Symptoms of Dog Poisoning? Vomiting is often a symptom of dog poisoning, however, it is important to identify other related symptom before canine poisoning is considered. Those symptoms include: * Mouth irritation * Skin rash * Lethargy * Diarrhea * Lack of appetite * Drooling * Staggering * Hallucinations * Difficulty breathing * Muscle tremors and/or rigidity * Seizures * Heart failure * Kidney and/or liver failure * Coma * Death What Should I Do If I Think My Dog's Been Poisoned? If your dog ingests a toxic substance, it is possible the pet will not exhibit symptoms right away. Symptoms of dog poisoning may not appear for two or three days after the poison is ingested; in some cases, illness may not manifest until years later. If your dog has ingested a toxic substance, contact your vet or emergency veterinary clinic right away. Immediate treatment is necessary to offset the effects of dog poisoning. Prevent Dog Poisoning The best way to protect your dog from poisoning is to keep all toxic substances out of reach. Put cleaning products, pesticides, and medications in a safe place where your dog can't get to them. Remember, some toxic substances, such as antifreeze, taste and smell good to your dog, so it's up to you to protect him.