My Dog Ingested Rat Poison - What Do I Do?

Rat poison is very dangerous to your dog. The most common form of rat poison is an anticoagulant poison that depletes Vitamin K and causes internal bleeding. Symptoms are not immediately evident--much of the damage occurs internally. Pale gums and weakness may develop and bloody diarrhea may occur.

First Aid

If you know that your dog has ingested rat poison in the last two hours, try to induce vomiting. Do the following:

  1. Fill a needless syringe or a turkey baster with hydrogen peroxide or salted water (use one teaspoon for small dogs; one-eighth cup for larger dogs).
  2. Insert the syringe or baster as far back in your dog's mouth as possible to ensure that she swallows it.
  3. Contact your veterinarian immediately.

The vet will inject your dog with Vitamin K and provide a course of supplements to aid your dog's recovery. Vitamin K supplements are also available over-the-counter and can be administered at home. Activated charcoal, milk of magnesia, plain milk or vegetable oil will help coat the stomach and delay absorption.