Dog Shedding in Clumps

A dog shedding in clumps may be a matter of concern, and it can be caused by a number of different things. Dogs shed hair on a regular basis, and it is normal for your pet to lose hair frequently. Excessive hair loss, on the other hand, may indicate a more serious condition such as Cushing's disease, ringworm, sarcoptic mange or a sensitivity to insect bites. Pet owners should be aware of the amounts of hair their dog is shedding, and what is normal for him. If you notice your pet suddenly losing a significant amount of hair, see a veterinarian promptly to rule out any possible conditions that may be causing hair loss. 

Dog Shedding in Clumps

As mentioned earlier, dogs shed regularly and it's not unusual for your pet to shed a lot of hair. Hair that is shed in clumps may be normal for your pet, depending on the circumstances and his environment. Even so, shedding in clumps can also point to a more serious illness or condition, and it is best to have your pet examined by a veterinarian when he is losing a large amount of hair. 

Insect Bites

Hypersensitivity to insect bites can cause hair to shed in clumps. Fleas and mosquito bites in particular are known to trigger hair loss. Many dogs are very sensitive to insect bites, and will scratch, itch and bite at the area until hair begins to fall out in large amounts. To prevent this from occurring, use an insect repellent on your pet's coat before he goes outside or enters an area that is infested with insects such as fleas or mosquitos. 

Ringworm and Mange

Ringworm or sarcoptic mange can also cause hair loss in canines. If this is the case, the skin underneath the hair that is shedding will appear to be red, irritated and inflamed. Your pet will also be scratching and itching excessively if he has ringworm or sarcoptic mange. Ringworm needs to be treated as soon as possible, as it is extremely contagious. 

Hormonal Problems

Problems involving the hormones can also lead to hair loss in dogs. Cushing's disease and hypothyroidism are known to cause excessive shedding in clumps, due to unhealthy hormonal levels. Contact a veterinarian promptly if your believe your pet is suffering from a hormonal disorder, because it could be a serious condition needing proper treatment. 

Why Dogs Shed Hair

Most of the time, when your pet sheds hair, it is completely normal. Certain seasons trigger more hair loss, such as the spring and fall. Some dogs shed more than others, and certain breeds are more prone to shedding a lot of hair. It is perfectly healthy for your pet to shed hair, even in large volumes sometimes. 

To prevent excessive dog shedding and hair loss, brush your pet regularly and feed him a high quality, nutritious diet. Diet can have a big influence on the health of your pet's coat and skin, and foods that are high in vitamins and minerals are better for the skin and hair.