6 Types of Dog Skin Disorders

Dog skin disorders are a common ailment in canines and vary in severity. These problems can be classified into 6 general categories based on the cause of the condition. Treatments for these problems range from change in diet to treating with medication.

  • Parasitic dermatitis is caused by parasites such as fleas, ticks and mange and can be treated with a variety of products available on the market or through a veterinarian.
  • Allergic dermatitis is caused by the dog's allergic reaction to any number of irritants. Food, pollen and any number of other sources can cause the pink, itchy skin. The source must be identified in order to treat this sort of skin disorder.
  • Environmental dermatitis is caused by things in the dog's surroundings. Chemicals, certain plastics, even grasses can cause skin irritation.
  • Nutritional dermatitis is caused by an inadequate or unbalanced diet. Essential fatty acids are key ingredients in a dog's daily diet in order to keep his skin healthy. Simply changing to a higher quality food typically resolves nutritional dermatitis.
  • Infectious dermatitis includes fungal, bacterial and yeast infections of the skin. Compromised immune systems, scratches or lesions on the skin and unhealthy skin are the areas the infection takes hold.
  • Neurogenic dermatitis are skin disorders where the dog licks or chews the skin obsessively to the point of being raw. Emotional problems such as separation anxiety are typically the cause and are treated through medication and exercise.

No matter the cause, canine itching and skin disorders can be effectively treated and resolved.