Dog Skin Protection with Pet Sunscreen

The dog skin is a sensitive organ that should be protected from the UV rays just like human skin. Pet sunscreen is available to offer skin protection for canines. The sunscreen should be carefully chosen, so as not to irritate the dog’s skin.

Dog Skin and Sun

Dogs have sensitive skin and this can be exposed to a number of environmental factors that can cause damage. Sun is a factor that can have damaging effects on the skin. Dogs with white coats are more sensitive and are more likely to experience sunburns. Dogs with shorter coats are also more exposed. Dogs with darker and longer coats are more protected, but they may also suffer from sunburns if exposed to sun for extended periods of time.

If dogs are exposed to strong sun for over 30 minutes, they can easily get sunburn. Sunburn can be extremely painful and the skin will be irritated and may also become itchy. Secondary infections can occur, as the skin will not be protected against the external factors.

Sunburns may be avoided through the regular use of dog sunscreen.

Dog Sunscreen

There are pet sunscreen products available for use in canines. These products are designed to offer protection from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun, which can cause sunburns.

There are creams and sprays that may have different SPF factors, just like the sun block creams for humans.

How to Choose Sunscreen

The sunscreen you choose for your pet should have a suitable SPF. The SPF should be the highest if your pet has pale skin and coat or short coat.

Make sure the product you choose provides both UVA and UVB ray protection.

Non oily products are preferred, so as to prevent the dog from staining your furniture.

Monitor your dog’s reaction after applying the sunscreen, as some dogs may develop allergic reactions to certain skin products. Switch to different products if your pet displays allergic reactions.

How to Apply Sunscreen

The dog sunscreen may be applied through massaging the cream gently into the skin, making sure to cover all areas that are exposed to sun. Apply cream on the nose as well, which is sensitive and requires extra protection, as it is not covered by fur.

There are also sprays that can be applied on the dog. Sprays are more practical, as they can cover the dog’s skin faster. For the nose, apply some spray on your hands or a sponge and use this to spread the solution on the nose. Make sure to avoid the eye area, as the sprays may cause irritation if they get in the dog’s eyes.

Reapply the sunscreen as indicated on the label. Some products offer a 24 hour protection, while others will require several daily applications if the dog is exposed to sun. See if the product is waterproof. If the product is not waterproof, reapply it after the dog gets in contact with water.