Dog Skin Treatment Tips

Whether your pet suffers from an infection, a chronic condition or some other medical issue, there are a number of reasons why you may need to engage in dog skin treatment measures to help protect him. Your pet's skin is a gauge of his internal health in many ways, and helping to keep his skin healthy and safe is a good way to protect his vital organs and other parts of his body as well. In order to accomplish this, however, you'll need to know how to prevent skin damages and also how to deal with them when they present themselves.

Regular Bathing

One of the best things that you can do to help maintain your pet's healthy skin, or to help treat unhealthy skin, is to bathe your pet regularly. Look for specially formulated canine shampoos that are available at pet supply stores and veterinarian's offices. These shampoos contain a variety of nutrients that will help to keep your pet's skin clean and safe. However, be aware that if your dog has open sores or other wounds on his skin, it's not a good idea to bathe him with these standard shampoos. There may be special medicated shampoos that you can use, but these will typically require a veterinarian's prescription.

Healing Ointments

Many dogs develop lesions or "hot spots" as a result of repeated licking or other rubbing on parts of their skin. Unfortunately, your dog will not likely realize that his actions only make the situation worse, so it's up to you to help treat these conditions. There are a number of different topical ointments that contain prescription medications that can help to reduce inflammation, help to prevent sores from becoming infected, and generally work to make your pet's skin heal more quickly.

Treat Infections Promptly

Skin infections are among the most common conditions that many dogs suffer from. These infections tend to come about when your pet suffers from a cut or a minor wound and bacteria enter into that opening. In order to treat skin infections, the best thing to do is to provide your pet with a regimen of antibiotics. These medicines are available by speaking with your veterinarian and receiving a prescription.

Deal with Parasites

Parasites like mites, ticks and other animals can live on your pet's skin and cause a wide variety of problems. Mange, which involves itchy patches of skin and loss of hair, is caused by a particular type of mite. In many cases, you can address these issues by bathing your pet in a medicated shampoo. There are also collars and other treatments available to deal with these parasites. By eliminating the parasites, you can help to clear up your pet's skin problems as well.

For more specific information about a particular problem or condition, speak with your veterinarian. Prevention of skin conditions and other problems is the single best way to ensure that your pet remains injury free and healthy.