Cat Soap for Better Skin and Hair Maintenance

Although cats are generally hygienic creatures, it is a good idea to bathe your pet with cat soap or shampoo periodically in order to preserve his coat quality and ensure that his skin remains healthy. Cat soap generally comes in liquid form and functions in the same way as human shampoo. There are a number of different types of cat soap, and some are designed with special tasks in mind. It is important to never use human soap or shampoo on your pet, as these products are formulated differently from pet products and may cause irritation.

Cat Soap for General Use

Pet supply stores generally carry a number of generalized cat soaps and shampoos. These products are manufactured by a number of different brand labels and differ somewhat in their ingredients and function. Look for shampoos with cleansing and deodorizing features, as these tend to work well at keeping fur soft and skin clean. Pet shampoos and soaps that are available in pet stores may contain mild insecticides and other ingredients designed to address particular issues, but they do not contain medications that may require a veterinary prescription. If your pet has a particular medical concern or condition, you may be better off with a medicated prescription soap.

Cat Soap for Parasites

Parasites are one of the primary causes of pet skin and fur damage. Mites, fleas and lice can all cause a number of problems to your pet's coat and irritation and itchiness to your pet's skin. If you suspect that your pet suffers from a parasitic infestation of some kind, have him examined by a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis. After determining the cause of your pet's symptoms, he will likely prescribe a medicated shampoo to use for your cat.

Soaps and shampoos that are specially formulated to eliminate parasites often include powerful insecticides that are designed to kill the insects on your pet's body. These shampoos may be dangerous to your pet and to you if you do not follow the bathing instructions carefully. In some cases, you will have to use protective gloves or other equipment while washing your pet with these shampoos.

Cat Soap for Picky Pets

Some cats hate to be washed. If your pet does not respond well to bathing, it is no excuse for not washing him. There are a number of non-water pet soaps available on the market today. These items are generally available as powders that you rub in to your pet's fur or skin. It may be a good idea to purchase a container of non-wash soap for your pet regardless of whether he dislikes being bathed, as these products are excellent for spot cleaning.

Bathing your pet regularly is the key to maintaining his skin and coat condition for years to come. Still, certain health conditions affect these parts of your pet's body and make the bathing process difficult or painful, and treating your pet with cat soap is not necessarily sufficient to resolving each of these problems. If your pet experiences any adverse reactions to pet soap, have him examined by a veterinarian right away.