Dog Supplement Guide: What You Need To Know

A dog nutritional supplement could greatly benefit your dog's health. Vitamin and mineral supplements help maintain your dog's circulatory, respiratory, reproductive, digestive and immune systems. Supplements are available in liquid and tablet form to make administering them easy. Here's what you need to know about the various dog food supplements and the ways in which they can support your dog's health.

Bone and Joint Health

Glocosamine and chondroitin are excellent for maintaining your dog's joint health. Glucosamine dog supplements have been shown to improve and prevent the symptoms of arthritis in dogs.

Calcium and manganese can also help maintain your dog's bones and joints. Phosphorus and copper are also important for the health of your dog's bones and joints. Vitamin D is also essential to your dog's bone health.

Blood Health

Iron is an essential nutrient that helps your dog maintain healthy levels of red blood cells. Without adequate levels of iron, your dog could become anemic. Vitamin K is also necessary for your dog's blood; it aids in normal functions, such as clotting.


Antioxidants are helpful because they help protect your dog from infection. They can help keep your dog alert and let him live a longer, healthier life.

Selenium acts as an antioxidant in your dog's body; green tea extract, alpha lipolic acid and Siberian ginseng are some other natural dog supplements that have antioxidant properties.

Healthy Hair and Skin

Omega-23 fatty acids are essential for maintaining the health of your dog's hair and skin. They also ensure the proper function of internal organs, and can help reduce the chances of allergic inflammation.

Vitamin A is a multi-purpose vitamin. It's good for your dog's hair and skin, as well as his eyes, muscles, nerves and reproductive tract.

Choosing A Dog Food Supplement

Chances are your dog doesn't really need a dog food supplement; commercially available dog foods include all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs for optimum health. Puppies, older dogs and dogs with certain systemic conditions such as liver disease may benefit greatly from a natural dog supplement. Arthritic dogs can enjoy a greater freedom of movement when treated with a glucosamine supplement.

Whatever supplement you choose, make sure it's intended for dogs and that it suits your dog's age, breed and size. If you're choosing a supplement to treat a medical condition, especially a systemic disease, consult your veterinarian first. Often, your vet will prescribe a specialized vitamin supplement for the treatment of medical conditions.