Preparing Yourself for Dog Teething

Your dog will lose his puppy teeth when he's between 3 and 7 months. Expect dog teething to last for several months. Get ready for this time in your pet's life by planning ahead. Prepare yourself by knowing the canine dental stages: * 3 months: puppy incisors start to fall out * 4 months: adult canines and molars push in * 6 to 7 months: adult molars arise * 8 months: full set of 42 teeth Puppy-proof Your Home Take precautions to keep your teething puppy safe. Curious puppies are tempted to chew on electrical cords, garbage or other unsuitable items. These can cause injuries or poisoning. During the dog teething months use cord covers, block access to wires, and install safety clasps. Chew on This Stock up on chew toys before bringing your puppy home. Read labels and age charts to ensure that products are appropriate for your dog. Look for toys that are firm but have some give. Extra hard items can harm your puppy's new teeth or cause his gums to swell. If he does get sore gums, you can freeze a rope-toy or carrot to relieve his mouth area. Praise your puppy whenever he uses his chew toy. Fill your home with dog toys, such as: * Rawhide chews * Rope toys * Vinyl toys * Nylabones for puppies * Canvas toys Design an Exercise Plan Establish an exercise routine to enjoy with your pup. Boredom and monotony contribute to dog chewing. Walk your dog and play lots of games everyday. The more energy spent on playing, the less there is for chewing.