When to Expect Puppy Teeth to Fall Out

During puppyhood, dogs grow 28 puppy teeth. These teeth arrive between their sixth and eighth week of life. At that age, they do not need teeth for grinding or tearing. These larger teeth arrive later in their first year. Puppy teeth fall out and larger adult teeth replace them. This process is extremely uncomfortable for the puppy. During this time, puppies chew everything they can to push the teeth through the gums quickly. Keep your pet from damaging furniture and personal belongings by providing plenty of durable chew toys. It is common for puppies to swallow their teeth. Consult a veterinarian if the puppy tooth does not completely fall out. Some teeth catch between adult teeth. A veterinarian will safely remove the baby tooth. Incisors The first teeth to fall out are the incisors. Incisors start falling out around the puppy's third or fourth month. Canines Canines, or fang teeth, fall out around the fourth month. Molars Premolars begin to fall out around the sixth month. During this time, the adult molars arrive. Adult molars finish the teething process. Within eight months, your puppy's teeth now include 42 adult teeth. The breed of dog determines the speed at which teeth fall out. Larger breeds grow their full set of adult teeth before a toy breed.