What Does a Dog Ultrasound Cost?

When your dog has health issues that require diagnostics, often the first question is what does a dog ultrasound cost? Typically, ultrasound costs range from $300 to $500 depending on who performs the ultrasound and where you live. If your vet performs the ultrasound in the clinic, the cost is normally lower than if your dog is sent to a specialist. The three main reasons for performing an ultrasound are for dog pregnancy, dog injury or dog surgery.

Ultrasounds Often Used to Determine Pregnancy

The most common reason for a dog to get an ultrasound related to pregnancy is to actually confirm if the dog is pregnant. Ultrasounds can detect gestational sacs as early as 18 days past ovulation. By day 23, the first heartbeat is usually seen. This is especially helpful for determining whether the litter will be viable.

Two Main Types of Ultrasounds

There are two main types of ultrasounds performed related to injuries in dogs. Thoracic ultrasounds are used to detect pneumothorax (PTX), which is a collapsed lung. Therapeutic ultrasounds use heat and massage to increase blood flow and reduce swelling.

If your dog needs surgery, often the surgeon will use an ultrasound to know where to operate. By following the movements on the monitor, the vet can guide his instrument to the appropriate spot. This is used during laparoscopic surgeries where the animal is not cut completely open.