3 Vet Questions Dog Owners Don't Ask—But Should

Here are 3 important dog vet questions everyone should ask their veterinarian. No pet owner wants to think about if or when his or her dog might need more than a check-up or booster vaccination, but it's important to have these answers on hand so that you are ready for any emergency.

"How Do You Handle After-Hours Emergencies?"

Many veterinary clinics close during the evenings and weekends. If your clinic is one of those, it is good to know who your vet trusts to handle emergencies or if there is an after-hours number at which you can reach your vet or one of the clinic technicians.

"How Many Vets Are Associated with the Clinic?"

Emergencies never happen at a convenient time. It is best if your clinic has at least two vets available during business hours. That way if yours is not available immediately, there is someone else who can be. Also, if you are aware of an individual vet who has a specialty applying to your dog's specific needs, you can request that vet for that appointment.

"Do You Accept Pet Insurance?"

Sometimes your pet bills, especially in an emergency, can be high. Some vet clinics accept pet insurance or offer a payment plan. Ask ahead of time about pricing and billing so that you won't have to max out the credit card unexpectedly.