What to Look for in a Dog Wheelchair

If your dog has suffered a paralyzing injury or illness that affect this rear legs, a dog wheelchair may restore mobility. Wheelchairs can also help your dog recover from surgery, taking the weight off of a dog cast or brace.

Measure Your Dog for the Best Fit

Properly fitted, a wheelchair supports your dog's back and rear legs and allows an active lifestyle. To assure an excellent fit, measure your dog's leg from the groin to the ground. Determine the width and length of your dog's body. Also measure the diameter of your dog's thigh.

With these measurements, you can begin shopping for the best wheelchair for your dog. Be sure the wheelchair is sturdy and well padded.

Features of Dog Wheelchairs

Lightweight aluminum is the best material for a dog wheelchair.

Some options you may want to consider:

  • Pneumatic tires
  • Adjustable side bars
  • Handles to assist stair climbing

Some models are gender-specific to allow easy urination for both male and female dogs. Be sure your choice of wheelchair comes with a reasonable warranty and readily available replacement parts.