Helping Dogs Walk with a Dog Mobility Harness

There are times where a dog's joints are too sore and stuff to walk and they may need the assistance of a dog mobility harness. These are usually used when a dog has recently been under surgery for a various joint problem, or if the dog has a severe case of arthritis. These are often used in older dogs that need help climbing stairs or standing upright.

These harnesses come in various styles and shapes. There is a harness for every kind of dog out there, so you do not have to worry about finding one to fit your dog. The first thing you need to do is figure out how sever of assistance your dog needs. A dog mobility harness may not be enough to do the trick. For times like these there are wheelchairs for dogs.


The main purpose of a dog wheelchair is to assist dogs that need constant help with walking, running or playing. Normally, elderly, handicapped, disabled or dogs that tire easily are the ones who are in need of a wheelchair. This kind of harness allows your dog to roam around freely without the constant need of you there. The wheels support the joints so the dog is not always putting pressure on them.

In the case of a handicap or disabled dog, it may give them back the ability to walk around again. This kind of harness is often seen on dogs that are missing a limb or have a severely wounded limb. They are given back the freedom of mobility without the discomfort or pain it once brought.

Dog Harnesses

There are numerous different kinds of harnesses that you can get for your dog. The most common are the slings that support either the hind legs or the front legs. These harnesses require human intervention to use. You must use your strength to support the dog while it is walking, climbing stairs, trying to stand up. Depending on how much support is needed for the dog, you may end up carry a large amount of your dogs weight by using the harness. The most beneficial part of this harness is that it can help the dog climb stairs once again. Some dogs find it troubling to reach the top of a flight of stairs without becoming exhausted due to joint pain. The harness alleviates that pain and allows your dog to climb the stairs through the assistance of your arm strength.

Wrist Wraps

Some dogs may only need minor assistance for their joints. In these cases, there are special wraps that you can place around the joint. This tightens the muscles and gives the specific joint support for daily activities. It will not be able to support all of the dog's weight and it is not as efficient as a dog mobility harness, but it can help to support the bones and tendons in the foot. It is best used for temporary soreness. If the pain is permanent then you should look into something more substantial, such as a dog mobility harness or a wheelchair.