How Effective Is Dog Whispering for Controlling Canine Behavior Problems?

Dog whispering is an alternative type of canine training. According to this technique, the trainer, also known as a dog whisperer will communicate with the dogs and train them or correct their behavior, so that they have an acceptable behavior. The efficiency of this training technique depends greatly on the dog that is trained; some dogs are responsive, while others do not show any improvement and still display behavior problems even after a few sessions of dog whispering.

Some people are skeptical about this technique, while others are more open-minded.

Dog Whisperer

A dog whisperer is an unconventional dog trainer that has the capacity of understanding the canine language and to communicate with them in an effective manner.

A dog whisperer could eliminate unwanted behavior problems such as biting, chewing, aggressiveness, barking or jumping on legs or furniture.

The dog whisperer can also act as a mediator between you and your dog; he can tell you if your dog complains of certain problems.

After training your dog, the dog whisperer will help you with some ideas on how to control your dog’s behavior.

Dog Whispering Technique Basics

The dog whispering training is based more on a positive approach to train a dog. The dog must feel comfortable with the trainer’s presence and the mood of the trainer/owner may also influence the outcome of the training session and the response of the dog. According to the dog whispering technique, a positive frame of mind will influence the dog and he will be more likely to follow the commands. Consequently, it is important to be optimistic and visualize the things you want your dog to do: obey you, not to jump on the couch, stop barking or stop chewing.

A negative approach may result in the dog disobeying, according to the dog whispering technique.

Dog whispering uses the alpha dog training, which means that you have to dominate your dog in order for him to obey.

Talk to Your Dog

Dog whispering is a technique that involves “talking” to dogs. Dogs don’t understand human language, but they can sense the pitch of the voice and may also detect if you are angry, optimistic or happy.

According to the dog whispering technique, you should always use the same tone of voice when you want your dog to perform a certain action. For instance, if you want your dog to come to you, use a word (i.e. Come) and the same tone of voice every time, showing your dog what to do. You should also visualize how the dog comes to you. You can do the same to correct certain behaviors, say “Don’t” in a firm tone and give a 5 minute time out, so that the dog understands that you don’t approve the behavior and that you have the power to give him a penalty.

The efficiency of the dog whispering training technique hasn’t been scientifically proven and the results vary greatly from one dog to the other. However, if you are open to trying a new technique that could possibly correct your dog’s behavioral problems, you should contact a dog whisperer.