An Introduction to Dog Whispering

Dog whispering is a type of unconventional canine training that involves a dog whisperer. A dog whisperer is supposed to have the capacity to comprehend dog communication and can communicate effectively to canines. By doing this, the dog whisperer can correct the unwanted behaviors in dogs and train them to be obedient.

What Is a Dog Whisperer?

A dog whisperer has the unusual capacity to communicate with dogs. An effective communication may help in training your dog and solving possible behavior issues such as aggressiveness, excessive barking, chewing or jumping on furniture and people.

Dog whisperers also understand what dogs communicate, so if there are any problems with your dog, he may be able to mediate between the dog and you.

A dog whisperer can also give you tips on how to control your dog and manage to get along with him.

Canine Behavioral Problems

Dog whispering can solve canine behavioral problems.

Dog whisperers use a positive approach to dogs and this can ease up the dog. Dog whispering is a technique that claims that dogs are sensitive to the mood of the trainer. Consequently, a negative approach won't have good results when training a dog.

So, if you are training your dog, try to keep a relaxed frame of mind; imagine that the dog will do all you tell him to do and you can manage to train him properly.

Dog "Talk"

Dog whisperers claim to "talk" to dogs and that, as an owner, you should talk to your dog also. Of course, dogs don't understand human speech, but they do perceive intonation and can sense the enthusiasm or anger in your voice.

So, if you want your dog to play, you should use a joyous tone, and show your dog a ball or a frisbee. The dog will associate the tone of voice with the activity and the next time you use the same tone of voice, he will know what you want him to do. In the same manner, you can teach your dog not to chew; but this time you need to use a different tone of voice so that the dog senses your irritation and apply a punishment such as 5 minutes of time out.

Alpha Dog Training

The alpha dog training is often employed by dog whisperers. This technique involves dominating the dog. The dog whisperer will establish dominance and will show you how to dominate your dog as well.

Dogs need a leader and like to obey, but if no one establishes dominance, the dog will try to be the leader.

By showing your pet that you are the leader or the boss, he will learn to follow your commands; in this manner, it will be easy to teach him to urinate outside and not to chew or bark.

Dog whispering is often frowned on, as it is not a conventional training technique and a lot of people don't trust the capacities of a dog whisperer. However, this is a different way of dog training and may appeal to some dog owners with dogs that are unresponsive to standard training.