The Cost Dog X-Ray Procedures Examined

Injuries and other health issues may require a dog x-ray to inspect internal damage or to look at what might be causing a health problem. X-rays are important tools for returning your dog to good health and the cost for an x-ray can vary greatly depending on several factors.

Contributing Factors to the Cost of an X-ray

  • Size of the dog helps determine how much an x-ray will cost. Different sizes of film packs will be used based upon how large or small a dog may be. Larger film packs cost more based upon the additional materials used for the case and the actual film.
  • Sometimes a dog needs to be sedated in order to take x-rays. If the dog is in too much pain or is extremely nervous, sedation may be the only way to get a clear image without causing discomfort to the dog.
  • Depending upon the reason for the x-ray, a veterinary specialist may be consulted to get an accurate read on the film. Consultation fees will vary based upon the specialty.
  • Cost for x-rays also varies by region and by facility.
  • Whether it's a dog broken bone or a procedure to determine what's going on internally, x-rays are an important tool in returning your dog to optimal health.