Do Dogs Benefit From Vitamin C?

Do Dogs Benefit From Vitamin C? Many dog owners give their dogs Vitamin C supplements. However, it is a general medical consensus that dogs do not need Vitamin C supplements to survive. In fact, there are only a few instances where Vitamin C must be added to a dog's diet. Inadequate Nutrition Dogs that do not have adequate nutrition may need to take a Vitamin C supplement. These dogs do not usually get enough Vitamin C in their diet on a regular basis. However, most types of dog food include Vitamin C - though it should be mentioned that Vitamin C in dog food is only effective if other vitamins are included in the food as well. Vitamin C Harm An excess amount of Vitamin C might cause health problems in dogs. Ailments such as kidney stones are thought to be a cause of Vitamin C (and other) supplements. This is the number one reason why almost all canine experts agree that you should not give your dog Vitamin C. A Balanced Diet The general consensus is that Vitamin C is not necessary for those dogs that already get a balanced diet. Giving dogs Vitamin C when they already have a balanced diet is not a good idea. In fact, an excess amount of Vitamin C might be harmful to a dog that does not require the additional vitamin.