Why Canine Vitamin C Supplements Aren't Necessary

It is a common misconception that canine Vitamin C supplements are necessary for every dog's health. But, in fact, Vitamin C supplements aren't required for your dog's well-being or longevity. Feeding your dog a balanced diet is the best way to keep him healthy. Dogs Produce Vitamin C Naturally Your dog's body produces Vitamin C in sufficient quantities to meet their daily nutritional requirements. Your dog's glandular system helps manufacture his own Vitamin C. This is obtained through minerals from his diet, which are produced in the liver. A dog creates 18 milligrams of Vitamin C per pound. So if your dog is 40 pounds, he produces the equivalent of two 500 milligrams tablets a day! What Canine Vitamin C Overload Causes * Kidney stones and calcium oxalate urinary crystals * Liver and kidney dysfunctions * Glandular problems * Excessive diarrhea Vitamin C Myth-buster Giving your dog a Vitamin C supplement does not cure or prevent hip dysplasia. The disease is a genetic abnormality and vitamin C cannot help this occurrence. What you can do is get more details about feeding your dog a balanced diet at http://www.vetinfo.com/dogdiet.html