Emergency Pet Care Checklist

Keep your pet safe if a medical, household or natural disaster strikes. An emergency pet care checklist includes everything from important phone numbers to supply lists and steps to follow during a crisis.

Feel free to adapt a personalized checklist for you and your dog's special needs. However, use the following suggestions as a guide for getting started.

Easy Access

Display your list in a common area of the home so that all family members and visitors can access it. Place it near a phone, an entry table or desk area, or in the kitchen.

Vet's Info

Post your veterinarian's contact information on the list. Many conscientious vets will treat emergencies on holidays or evenings, but others will not. Have a back up plan in place if your dog needs emergency care and your vet is unavailable. Gather the phone numbers and locations of the emergency pet care hospitals in your area.

Pet's Photo

Always have a recent photo of your dog in the event that he gets lost and you need to post flyers or show it to officials.

Medical Records

Keep good records of your dog's medical history including documentation of his recent vaccinations. Place them all in one file or storage container so you can find them easily.


Always have the right quantity of your dog's medication in the house; for example: allergy products and diabetic supplies like insulin.

Procedural Instructions

In some cases, emergency pet care needs to be performed to save your dog's life. Post instructions for administering first aid procedures like poison control and the canine Heimlich maneuver.


Buy a pet carrying case that can adequately hold your dog in case he is not able to walk because of an injury or medical condition.

Other Emergency Checklists

First Aid Supplies
  • Gauze and tape for wrapping wounds
  • Pet thermometer
  • Emergency pet care treatments
  • Antibiotic ointment for soothing bites or other injuries
Natural Disaster Supply Kit
  • Cooler with food for one week (canned and dried)
  • One-week supply of bottled water
  • Bowls for water and food
  • Garbage bags
  • Leash for each dog you own
  • Snacks, treats, and toys
  • Blankets
  • Paper towels
  • Stretcher
Emergency Checklist for Traveling with your Dog
  • Cooler with enough food and water for the length of trip
  • Sturdy leash for walking your dog in highly populated rest stops
  • Provide proper ventilation for your dog
  • First aid kit, pillow and blanket
  • Emergency veterinarian care on your travel route
  • Appropriate radio station for traffic updates; and the most direct routes
  • Rest stops and other locations to let your dog walk and urinate