New Dog Supply Checklist

A dog supply checklist is necessary when you are looking to get the necessary things for your pet. There are a number of dog supplies that may not be necessary, but there are also some basics that your dog needs.

Dog Kennel

A dog kennel is essential for the dog. The dog may prefer to sleep in his crate, as he will feel protected in this space. Place some soft blankets and pillows and train your dog to sleep in there.

Also, when you need to travel with your pet, you will have to have a kennel for transportation. The kennel has to meet certain requirements. 

The Leash

The leash is also a necessary supply, as you will have to keep your dog on a leash when taking him outside.

The leash will be also used during the training sessions to guide the dog or even punish him by pulling the leash.

Suitable Food

The food is the first thing you need to think when you are getting supplies for your pet. Your dog shouldn’t get human food or table scraps. He will need dog food, which will have to be adapted to his age and state of health.

Visit your vet to get the food recommendations for your dog.

Food and Water Bowls

The food should be placed in a special container, which the dog should be familiar with and know how to get to it when hungry.

The food and water bowls you choose may be made of plastic, metal or porcelain. However, some pets may develop allergic reactions to plastic or certain types of metal, so you should opt for bowls that don’t irritate your dog.

Various Toys

Dogs are playful creatures, especially when they are puppies.

You will need to get a number of toys that can come in handy when playing with your pet or will be a great activity for the dog when you are away.

There are also numerous toys that promote dental health, by helping the elimination of plaque.

There are hundreds of types of dog toys, but you have to remember that not all are suitable for your dog’s age or size. Choose wisely to provide safe toys for your dog.

Grooming Supplies

Your dog will have to be groomed on a regular basis. The dog’s coat type and the length of the hair will dictate the type of grooming supplies you need to get and the frequency of the grooming sessions. Shampoos, brushes, combs and grooming gloves can all come in handy.

Certain grooming activities such as cutting the nails may be left for professional groomers.

Name Tag

In some areas it is compulsory for your dog to have a name tag with your address and phone number, so that your dog can be returned to you, in case he gets lost.

Even if this is not compulsory in your area, having a name tag attached to your dog’s collar is helpful.