Environmental Factors Behind Kitten Sneezing

Kitten sneezing may be caused by different environmental factors. Make sure you detect these and solve any possible health issues.

Cold Environment for Kittens

Kittens need to be kept in a warm room. They don't have the capability to keep warm, unlike adult cats. So, your kittens may sneeze because they are cold. Add some warm blankets or increase the room temperature.

Allergens Causing Kitten Sneezing

Kittens may be allergic to different substances: pollens or chemicals.

Dust may be a cause for your kitten's sneezing. If your kitten is sneezing only when you are cleaning your place, dust or cleaning products must be the cause.

Your kitten may be even allergic to the litter. In addition to sneezing, your cat will also have a wet nose and watery eyes, which are common signs of allergies. Reduce or avoid your kitten's exposure to the causing factors.

Exposure to Sick Cats

A very common health issue that cause kitten sneezing is the upper respiratory infection (URI); this infection may be very contagious-a cat can catch it from sneezing. Other symptoms of URI are fever, lethargy, wet nose and coughing.