How to Give Cats Eye Drops

When administering eye drops in cats it is important to be firm, keep your cat calm, and know how to apply the drops. Only use cat eye care drops prescribed by your veterinarian for a diagnosed problem.

How to Restrain Your Cat for Eye Drops

If you are alone, hold the cat in your lap using your left arm to hold the cat down against your body. Place your left hand under the cat's chin to hold the head in place and to pull the eyelid open with your left thumb when it is time to apply the eye drops. You may want to wrap a towel around your cat to restrain him and prevent scratching.

Another option is to place the cat on a table and hold the cat's scruff between the ears and shoulder blades. This holds the cat's head in place while you use your other hand to open the eye and apply the eye drops. It can be helpful to have a second person to scruff the cat or restrain him while another person applies the medication.

How to Administer the Drops to Your Cat

Once your cat is safely restrained and still, hold the eye drops about 2 centimeters above the eyeball, making sure not to touch the eye itself. The drops should be applied to the lower pouch of the eye. Apply the correct number of drops and then switch to the other eye. Afterwards it helps to comfort and pet your cat or give him a treat.