8 Features of the Top Dog Obedience Classes

Dog obedience classes enable pet owners to train their dogs for behavior problems and establish proper communication between the dog and the owner. The classes are aimed at training both puppies and older dogs to perform activities in the right place and at the appropriate time. Obedience classes are very helpful if dogs are trained at an early age. Eight week old puppies are trained in groups to learn socialization skills and friendliness in new environments. Dog obedience classes can also train your pet to perform dog sports and exercises.

Before registering your pet for obedience training, look for certain features that are prerequisites to a top dog obedience class.

8 Features of Top Dog Obedience Classes:

  • Since your dog will come in contact with other pets, look for classes or schools that ask for records of the dog's medical health. This will reduce the risk of exposure to diseases from other animals.
  • Certain obedience trainers offer to conduct classes in and around your home. This is beneficial as the dog will learn good manners in his own home environment.
  • Obedience schools also offer boarding and grooming facilities, so your pet can still continue the training if the owner has to be away.
  • Consider checking the credentials of the dog trainers or instructors at the obedience class.
  • Classes that offer boarding facilities should be willing to administer medication or special diets as per the instructions provided.
  • Obedience schools should offer pets a variety of activities that will reinforce the behavioral issues faced by pet owners.
  • It's important to enquire about the class size to make sure that your pet gets the desired attention.
  • Puppy classes and classes for older dogs should train your pet to obey commands, stay when told and exhibit appropriate social behavior amidst strangers.

It's better to obtain recommendations of top dog obedience classes from friends and other dog owners. Schedule a visit to the class or school before you sign up. If your pet is more aggressive, it's better to look for a personalized training course, as this would deal with more specific behavior problems.

In addition to addressing family pet relations, certain training schools use obedience training as a tool to train dogs for competitions. Dogs are trained in high jumping, directed jumping and agility.

Goals of Home Training Sessions:

  • Walking outdoors while obeying commands and not tugging at the leash.
  • Greeting visitors without pouncing on them.
  • Teaching the dog loose leash walking.
  • Dealing with aggressive dog behavior.
  • Opening up communication between the owner and the dog.
  • Teaching the owner to better understand dog behavior.

Although it was formerly believed that puppies are too young to be trained, even puppies at 10 weeks of age can be taught to obey certain commands. Most training schools require a deposit amount and charge a fee according to the facilities they provide. It's generally mandatory for puppies to have their first permanent shot before admission to puppy classes. Good obedience training is essential in raising a good family pet.