Feline Illness Care Tips

Feline illness can be a stressful time in your cat's life. Follow these tips to help your cat recover from illness.

Establish a Sick Room for Your Sick Cat

Your sick cat needs some peaceful, quiet space where he can rest and recover. Establish a sick room where your cat ca be kept away from young children, other animals and most of the activity in the house. Make sure your cat can hear family activities from his sick room. Keeping your cat within earshot of the life of the house can stave away the isolation depression that often comes with illness.

Make sure your cat has everything he needs in his sick room. Give him a litter box, and make sure his toys and bedding are convenient. Place food and water bowls as close as possible to your sick cat's resting place, so he can reach them easily.

If you can't give your cat an entire room, try to create an enclosed space in one corner of your house where your cat can rest in peace and quiet. Arrange your furniture to create a nook, or give your cat a crate or box to sleep in.

Keep Your Sick Cat Comfortable

You should do everything you can to make your sick cat comfortable. Eliminate as much stress as possible from his environment. Allow him to sleep as much as he wants. Give him a heating pad to keep him warm.

Encourage Your Cat to Eat

Your sick cat needs to eat to regain his strength. However, many cats lose their appetites when sick-this is especially true if your cat is suffering a respiratory illness that causes nasal congestion, since if your cat loses his sense of smell he'll no longer be interested in food. Keep your sick cat's food and water as convenient to him as possible.

If your sick cat isn't eating, tempt him with his favorite treats. Feed your sick cat his favorite wet food to encourage his appetite. Hand feeding can comfort your sick cat.

Spend Time with Your Sick Cat

It's important to give your sick cat plenty of space to get the rest he needs. However, if your sick cat feels too isolated, he could get depressed, and depression could hinder his recovery. Visit your sick cat several times a day, or as often as possible. Pet him, talk to him and hold him if he'll allow it. Your cat will appreciate your loving support, and it could help hasten his recovery.

You can even play with your sick cat a little. Playing can distract your sick cat from his condition, and help to relieve the stress of illness. Be gentle when playing with your sick cat; dangle a toy or a piece of string, but don't try any rough or active games. Stop the play session when your sick cat appears to have grown tired of playing.

When spending time with your sick cat, look carefully for signs that he's ready to be alone again or needs to rest. Always honor your sick cat's need for space.