Caring for Sick Dogs: 5 Basic Tips

Sick dogs can be taken care of at home after getting a diagnosis from a vet and getting the necessary treatment. When caring for your sick dog you need to know a few basics related to the dog’s diet, treatment and the room he will be staying in. Keeping the dog clean is also essential to prevent secondary infections or diseases.

1. Give the Dog the Right Diet

The diet of the dog is very important while he is sick. A lot of sick dogs will not have appetite and may need a different diet.

Wet food is more recommended while the dog is sick and you may also warm up the food, which will have a more appealing smell. You may need to force-feed your pet if he refuses to eat for more than 48 hours. You may consider feeding less food to a sick dog, as he may not be able to eat normally. Add some ginger or dill, which stimulate the appetite.

The vet may recommend a different type of diet and also a few supplements.

Water is essential for a dog that is recuperating. The water bowl should be full with fresh water.

2. Safely Administer the Medication

The medications prescribed by the vet should be administered following the vet’s guidelines. Never give more medication than prescribed and if you notice any side effects besides those mentioned on the labels of the drugs, contact the vet.

Make sure your pet ingests the drugs. You may have to insert the drugs into a treat.

3.  Give the Dog a Comfortable Room

The room where your sick dog spends his recovery period will have to a warm and quiet. The dog needs to rest more and a quiet room is suitable for this purpose.

You may also close the blinds, as the dog doesn’t need light and may sleep better if the room is darker. Make sure to leave fresh air in at least 2 times per day.

Keep a few extra blankets and change the bedding regularly or as many times as needed, especially if your dog vomits or has diarrhea.

Keep clean towels at hand.

4. Monitor the Dog’s Condition

During the recovery period, you will have to keep an eye on your pet. Check his temperature. If your dog has a fever, this can be an indication of an infection.

If your dog has wounds, you need to change the bandages and pay attention of the wounds are red and swollen, which can indicate an infection.

Check your dog’s pulse and monitor the urine and feces.

5. Keep the Dog Clean

While the dog is sick he may need to be cleaned. This may take a few minutes per day. Start by cleaning the eyes with cotton swabs and chamomile tea. Continue with the ears and the dog’s face. Use a damp cloth or a sponge and clean the dog’s body, including the rectal area. This will make sure the dog will not have a bad smell.

Don’t bathe the dog is he has fever.