How to Administer a Feline Insulin Shot

A feline shot sounds about as much fun as a feline bath. But when your pet has cat diabetes, there are things the pet cannot do on their own to stay healthy.

Before the Injection

Plan to give the insulin shot at the same time every day.

Help your cat feel comfortable by petting or brushing him. One could even give the cat a treat. If the cat has anxiety about the injection, hide or conceal the syringe.

Have your veterinarian demonstrate how to prepare the syringe if you are not using an insulin pen. Air bubbles in the insulin can be dangerous to the feline.

Administering the Injection

  1. Pinch the cat's skin near the abdomen, hip or shoulder blade with your thumb and index finger. If the cat has long hair, brush some of his hair aside to expose some of his skin. The scruff of the neck is not the most ideal area for this injection because the lack of blood supply in that area may not absorb the insulin well.
  2. Hold the needle parallel to the cat's spine with the bevel facing up and inject it just under the cat's skin-not into the muscle.
  3. Administer the injection as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Administering insulin injections can be a hard task for the cat and his owner, but both parties will become more confident and comfortable with time and practice.