Giving a Cat Injections for Insulin

If your feline has been diagnosed with diabetes or another blood sugar condition, you will need to give your cat injections of insulin on a regular basis. Like cat tranquilizers, insulin can only be delivered by injection, and you will not be able to provide your cat with the diabetes supplements that he requires in pill form. If you're unfamiliar with giving your cat dosages of medicine via injection, the best resource is your veterinarian. While you can read guidelines on how to provide your pet with insulin, it's best if you have a vet demonstrate how to properly administer it. If this is not a possibility, or if you're searching for additional information on providing your cat with injections of insulin, continue reading.

Insulin Injection Guidelines

Insulin should be delivered subcutaneously, or underneath the surface of the skin. Unlike many other injections that your cat might receive, you should not inject insulin directly into a vein or another part of his body. Most veterinarians recommend injecting the insulin into the scruff of your cat's neck. This is the area around his shoulder blades, and also the place on his body where a mother cat might pick him up and carry him in her mouth when he was a kitten. The reason for selecting this area is that it is not highly sensitive and cats are accustomed to some discomfort in that part of their body.

In order to inject your cat, first ensure that you have the proper dosage and that your injection lines up with the schedule that your veterinarian has set out. Maintaining blood sugar levels can be a difficult task, and it is crucial that you follow all guidelines for delivery method and schedule. Once you've determined that your dosage is correct and that you're providing medicine to your cat at the right time, run your fingers up his back and toward his head until you find his shoulder blades, just below his neck.

Gently pinch a small flap of skin on his shoulder blades and carefully draw the flap away from the blades to create a small hollow. Lift up his fur so that you can easily see your cat's skin. Quickly and carefully insert the needle of the syringe a few millimeters into the flap of skin and depress the plunger at the end of the syringe to deliver the insulin injection. Smooth over your cat's fur and ensure that he is comfortable.

Delivering insulin to the wrong part of your pet's body can be harmful. If you have any doubts about your injection technique or abilities, don't attempt to give your cat an injection. Instead, see a veterinarian right away for a demonstration and further instruction.