6 Tips for Finding a Lost Cat

Never give up hope of finding your lost cat. The news is full of amazing stories of missing pets finding their way home weeks, months, or even years later. Follow these 6 steps to help find your missing cat.

1. Search Your Land and Home

It may seem that your cat is missing, when in fact he is just stuck in a hidden area. Cats like to hide in vent pipes, behind appliances, and in dryers. One of the best ways to find a missing cat is by shaking his favorite bag of treats. If the lost pet does not come after a few minutes, start listening for his cries (in case he is stuck).

2. Call Your Pet's Name Frequently

Walk around neighborning areas and frequently shout your cat's name. If your cat is near by, he should hear the familiar ring of your voice and come running your way.

3. Go Door to Door

Leave flyers with everyone in your neighborhood. Some people do not realize a cat is only out exploring, and they think they are saving a stray cat. Put your home and work numbers on the flyers, as well as critical information about your cat (such as an allergy to certain foods or health condition information). You should also post the flyers around your neighborhood and city.

4. Microchip and Tag Your Pet

Collars and tags pull or fall off, so your cat micro-chipped is a second level of identification. Area shelters and veterinarians can scan the information and call you. Only use safety collars to prevent accidental strangulation. Make sure the information on your cat's ID tag is up to date and provides a cell phone, work phone, and home phone.

5. Call Shelters and Your Animal Control Officer

If your cat is missing, animal control officers may have picked him up, or he may have been injured. Call all area shelters and ask them if they have your cat at their facility. Even if they do not, they will take down information. If someone brings in your cat, most shelters will call you immediately.

Go into the shelters every couple of days to look at the cats they are holding. This is especially important if you live in an area where unclaimed cats may be euthanized.

Also, call area veterinarians. If someone accidentally hits your lost cat, the driver may bring him to the nearest veterinarian for treatment.

6. Call Your Town or City Road Crews

If a car hits your pet and kills it, a town or state agency will pick up the body and dispose of it. Spend some time locating the agency that removes dead animals from roadways, and ask them to notify you if they find your lost cat.

Remember to never give up hope. A Californian cat was found in a mobile home park three miles from his original home 13 years after he disappeared. Authorities scanned his microchip and called his owners. You too can find your lost cat and have a happy story to share!